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Our Story

Pfusion LLC launched alongside the Covid-19 pandemic with a star-studded marketing team who’s been helping brands find and refine their voice since the ‘90s. From Emmy Awards to 2022 Telly and international Communicator Awards, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

Collaborating with clients feeds our passion for invention.  We love the ideation process when our creative juices start naturally flowing, leading to original works of art based on client input.  We funnel that through a solid strategy which then delivers dazzling results that surpass team intentions and industry goals.


Our areas of expertise include Emerging, Disruptive & Advanced Technologies, plus Global Business, along with Marketing, Media & Live Events.  








Joleen Firek is an Emmy Award-winning Writer/Producer and Managing Member extraordinaire. She whips complex problems and teams into shape and on the weekends herds cats for fun.


Khal Hanna is Creative Director and the mastermind behind all our dazzling works of art – on paper, on screen, and on packaging. 

Nice to meet you

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Some of our Clients & Work

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